Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lust of the Week

Its that time again, the start of the week and that means time for something new to lust over, this week I'm Lusting over Jones + Jones. This summer I have two holidays, my graduation and my birthday so its safe to say I have a few upcoming occasions that I need a dress for. Well don't worry (I could see you were starting to panic) I stumbled across Jones + Jones and fell in love with pretty much EVERY dress on the site. But these have got to be my top three.

Celeste Dress £75.00

Saffron Dress £65.00

Florence Dress £75.00

I guess that's a few outfits sorted!
Nora x

Sunday, May 27, 2012

High Street Haul

I can't stress how long it has been since I've been shopping, and my god have I missed it. I figured landing a new job and an upcoming holiday with a severe lack of swimwear earn't me a night of shopping. So Thursday night with a less than excited boyfriend I hit the high street.

I thought I'd share what I bought with you, my purchases fell into two categories, holiday haul and work wear, I was on a serious budget but I managed to find some bargains...

Holiday Haul

Ramones Fringed Vest £8 - Primark 

Navy Jersey Dress £7.99 - H&M

Turquoise Abstract Bikini Top £3.99, Briefs £3.99 - H&M

Green Swimsuit £14.99 - H&M

Faded American Flag Vest £3 - Primark

Work Wear

Cream Peplum Top £8 - Primark

Navy and Floral Peplum Blouse £10 - Primark

Cream floral print cropped trousers £14 - Primark

I was pretty pleased with my haul as I've now got some cute pieces to add to my work wardrobe and a few more bikinis and my holiday wardrobe will be complete to!

Nora x

Monday, May 21, 2012

Brave Soul Blogger Event

Last week was a bit of a whirlwind! A job offer, the boyfriend moving in and a bloggers event is busy by anyone's standards, but I can't complain about a night of clothes, cocktails and great company!

Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to be invited to a bloggers event held by Punk PR, celebrating a clothing brand they represent Brave Soul.  I made my way to the Circle Club with my glamorous plus one Grace to have a sneak preview of their lastest collection. On arrival I was greeted my the lovely Press and Brave Soul Team they talked me through the fantastic range, fed me amazing food and spoilt me with a free bar!

The clothes did not disappoint (and that's not just the champagne talking) the range was on trend and would easily fit within and compliment any girl or guys wardrobe. In fact there were many items I found that my wardrobe was seriously lacking and needed in my life!

Each piece is personally designed by the Brave Soul Team not outsourced like other online retailers, the range is not only wearable and on trend is also great value for money without sacrificing quality. Unlike other e-tailers were the low price seems to be the main incentive and the quality of the garment suffers.

My Top 3 pieces of the night had to be:
1.The bright coloured skinny jeans which are available in Red, Blue and Green and a mere £18!
 2. The cute shorts with frayed edge details available in White, Coral and Purple, my favourite three colours, I MUST own all three and at £15 why not?!
3. The oversized white and black striped jumper, which is a favourite of Fearne Cotton, the same wardrobe staple as a celebrity for £20! Yes please!

The Event itself I have to say was one of the nicest I've attended in recent months, the setting was the perfect place to hold an intimate gathering of like minded fashion lovers, the staff were knowledgeable of the products and super friendly and I met some lovely bloggers who I hope to stay in touch with in the future, although my bank balance may be taking a hit when I buy everything I saw on the night!

Nora x

Sunday, May 20, 2012

R.I.P Gossip Girl

This Sunday is a sombre day, as I received the news, that my favourite TV show Gossip Girl is to be cancelled at the end of the next season! Fellow GG lovers will feel my pain and understand the void that loosing this show will put in our lives. 

Ok, ok I may be over reacting slightly BUT hear me out which other show brings the best fashion labels in the world and puts together lust worthy outfits in every scene?? And which other show has given us a love as unique and strong as Chuck and Blairs?? I'll tell you NO OTHER SHOW. So I've decided to dedicate Sundays post to my favourite fashion moments of Gossip Girl.

Blair's obsession with Headbands = The world goes crazy for Headbands

They were possibly THE best dressed school kids.

Blair's my favourite, but you can't deny Serena's ability to rock a dress at an event

Blair & Serena shopping montage = cute co-coordinated outfits

Blairs wedding featured THE best Bridesmaid in history, Serena's was to die for

Some of my favourite Serena's best outfits, 
her ability to rock a blazer with nearly every outfit is second to none.

Theres still so many other outfit moments, Blairs impressive number of coats one for every outing, Serena's extensive handbag collection, Lily's ability to scream class in everything she wears, Chucks many many suits. I could go on! Are you a GG fan? Whats your favourite outfit moment?

Nora x

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Chloe Green Launches Shoe Collection

Not since Kate Moss's partnership with Topshop has a collaboration caused such a stir, Chloe Green daughter of Topshop's owner today launched her newest project, a collection of shoes to be sold within her fathers store. 

The line has been speculated about for sometime now, after Chloe let slip that the shoes would feature green soles as a nod to her last name and tribute to her favourite shoe designer Louboutin. I've got to admit when I heard this I was very sceptical about what the end result would be, as green is not a favourite colour of mine. After the big reveal today I have to admit the mint green sole shade is much better than the forest green I'd imagined, but the shoes fell a bit short for me. 

Don't get me wrong it would be easy to dismiss Chloe as another trust fund brat filling her time by designing some shoes, I don't think that is the case and the shoes aren't bad, as such, there just not amazing. There is no doubt a lot of thought has gone into the range, each shoe is named after someone close to her and each one personally designed my Chloe, its just that the designs are nothing new or particularly original. The height of each shoe is also far too high for me and Kate Moss apparently! Who has been heard saying she can't walk in the towering heels.

But hey that's just my personal opinion and after just one day several lines of the fourteen designs have sold out and will no doubt be a success, which means there will be a second line. Which personally, I'm more excited about as by then hopefully Chloe will have developed further as a designer, check out the collection below and let me know your thoughts on the shoes. Will you be buying a pair?

Nora x

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lust of the Week

As everyone around me seems to be booking holidays, jetting of on holiday or shopping for holidays, my mind has started wandering to my up and coming holiday in June. I'm very lucky in the fact I will be jetting off for 10 days with the boyfriend to Palma courtesy of my parents who are sending us there as my Graduation Present! 

So as my mind is now filled with images of days spent by the pool, long walks on the beach and the odd cocktail its occurred to me that my holiday wardrobe is no where near ready for jetting off! After several holidays my bikini collection is less that impressive and seriously needs a re haul which is why my Lust of the Week goes to the Italian Brand Miss Bikini who have injected some serious colour and style into my holiday wardrobe!

The brand originally from Italy is now available in England has a truck load of celebrity fans such as Heidi Klum, Naomi Campbell, Paris Hilton and more recently this side of the pond, Lauren Goodger from T.O.W.I.E. 
Miss Bikini has two Lines, Luxe and Original which means there is something for everyone, and although some of them may be on the pricer side, each bikini is unique and hand adorned with Swarovski  crystals, beads and shells. Miss Bikini pride themselves on "beach couture" and alongside the bikini's have an impressive range of cover ups, kaftans and beach dresses which had me drooling! Here's some of my favourites....

For more information check out http://www.richardsonandsquibb.com/

Nora x

Monday, May 14, 2012

Christian Louboutin Exhibition

Its times like this that I wish I was back living in London, the Christian Louboutin exhibition has just launched at the Design Museum, celebrating 20 years of the most amazing shoe designs, celebrating the designers iconic red soled creations (which apparently were conceived when the designer coated the first sole in red nail varnish.) The exhibition looks into depth at Louboutins inspiration, one off couture shoes and more of his spectacular footwear, as a lover of his shoes for as long I can remember I'm desperate to catch the exhibition before it closes in July.

Are any of you planning to see it?
Nora x

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lust of the Week

This weeks Lust goes to Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Tote, not only do I love the name, the classic shape and the amazing choice of colours compared to other designer labels this bag is a mere snip at £228 for the small size and £278 for a large size, ok I may have exaggerated there it may not be the bargain of the month BUT do the fashion maths if you use this handbag everyday for 6 months this handbag is only £1.26 per wear now that's a bargain! Convinced yet? Get me one in Tan?

Nora x