Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lust of the Week

This weeks lust of the week, goes to this little beauty from L.K. Bennett, it jumped out from the shop window and caught my eye and I fell in love with the colour! It comes in tan, yellow, coral and my personal favourite the beautiful turquoise. I love the pop of colour especially as my outfits usually consist of a mixture of black, grey and white so this is the perfect infusion of colour my summer wardrobe needs! I'm not usually a shopper at L.K. Bennett but if beauties like this one are going to crop up I might have to wander in more often! 

Crocus Bag £245

Anyone feeling generous?
Nora x

Monday, March 26, 2012

Where have you been?

So some of you may of noticed the lack of posts recently, the combination of university stress [ my dissertation was due in on the 23rd March] and the lack of a working computer resulted in an absent Nora! 

But I'm Back!!

 My dissertation is submitted and although my computer is being rather temperamental its managed to work for long enough for me to post this! Now my dissertation is completed my life is just one big vicious cycle of job applications and rejections, and I've got to be honest its hard staying positive when you can't secure a graduate job after 4 years of hard work, but I know I'm not the only one out there who's struggling it seems everyday a newspaper publishes another statistic of how many graduates are unemployed, so my main tactic is repeating "everything happens for a reason", but when that fails here's a few other mantras to keep myself, and those of you out there in the same boat staying positive.

Are any of you guys been struggling finding jobs? How do you stay positive?
Good Luck to any fellow job seekers out there!
Nora x

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Positive Thinking

I stumbled across this and it made me smile, I'm living my life by it at the moment.
 As I come to the end of 4 years at uni, with prospect of gaining a first class honours degree and applying for jobs none stop I'm hoping this really is true. I had a job interview today and I've worked hard for it so fingers crossed I get it!

Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Week

My laptop is still playing up so while I have access to another computer I decided to do a post about the amazing Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Week Show that caught my eye. Spectacular is the only way to describe the show!
The Final day of Paris Fashion Week went out in style, on a steam train no less, reminiscent of an era gone by the models arrived to the catwalk on the show stealing train. The 24 models each emerged with their own porter who, in my opinion showcased the handbags from the collection in a genius way!

Although the clothes (in my opinion) weren't as impressive as the S/S 12 collection, Marc Jacobs described the collection as "giving a nod to a romantic time" which with the ambience set thanks to the train, they did deliver that! The clothes would not look out of place on the Downton Abbey set (a show I am obsessed with) with a colour palette of browns, blacks and deep purple.

Louis Vuitton sure knows how to put on a show!

What do you think?
Nora x

Sunday, March 04, 2012

In February...

Apologies for the lack of posts recently, my laptop has been playing up, but I figured its a new month and a new start so to make up for the lack of posts here's a great big one....

Although February is the shortest month of the year, I managed to pack in a great deal, here's just a handful of things I got up to on the most Romantic month of the year.

I Spent Valentines Day at the Hilton Spa...
As Valentines Day fell on a Tuesday this year the boyfriend and I decided to reschedule Valentines to the weekend after (he did however remember to send flowers on the day.) So we booked a "daycation" experience at the Hilton Hotel in Deansgate Manchester. We were greeted at the front desk and taken to the restaurant to enjoy afternoon tea, which consisted of sandwiches, cakes and the biggest Macaroons I've ever seen!! Before been taken upstairs to the spa to enjoy the facilities, we spent an hour swimming in the pool, lounging in the jacuzzi and relaxing in the sauna before enjoying a couples massage which was so relaxing. Half an hour has never gone so fast! I could of stayed on that massage table all day.

My Niece Finally Learnt to say my Name...
Regular readers of my blog will have seen past posts about my niece Florrie who never fails to make me smile with her cheeky antics. I spent a day with her recently and was pleasantly surprised that she could finally say my name, I don't have the easiest name for a 2 year old to say and she had yet to master the word Aunty. However I spent a day with her this month and she said my name perfectly and about a million times that afternoon. Here's a few snaps from the day.

 I Attended The Manchester Fashion Show...
This month I attended my first fashion show as press, sitting front row I got to see all the amazing clothes up close and enjoyed a great night with friends, all the details from the night are here.

I was a Domestic Goddess for a Day...
Despite the sheer amount of  uni work I have due in next month I decided to take a day off and spend the day baking with my flat mate. We have both recently been gifted with cookery books so decided to make a few recipes, White Chocolate Fudge and Vanilla Cupcakes. I was so excited to make cupcakes in my new cupcake holders shaped like teacups, so Cute!

What did you get up to this February?
Nora x

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Kate Moss for Mango

Since parting ways with Topshop, I thought it would be a while till I saw Miss Moss on a high street campaign, how wrong I was! Here's the stunning new photos for Mangos 2012 Spring/Summer Campaign starring the one and only Kate Moss. The photos are beautiful and shot by Terry Richardson and styled to perfection by Geraldine Saligo.