Sunday, May 20, 2012

R.I.P Gossip Girl

This Sunday is a sombre day, as I received the news, that my favourite TV show Gossip Girl is to be cancelled at the end of the next season! Fellow GG lovers will feel my pain and understand the void that loosing this show will put in our lives. 

Ok, ok I may be over reacting slightly BUT hear me out which other show brings the best fashion labels in the world and puts together lust worthy outfits in every scene?? And which other show has given us a love as unique and strong as Chuck and Blairs?? I'll tell you NO OTHER SHOW. So I've decided to dedicate Sundays post to my favourite fashion moments of Gossip Girl.

Blair's obsession with Headbands = The world goes crazy for Headbands

They were possibly THE best dressed school kids.

Blair's my favourite, but you can't deny Serena's ability to rock a dress at an event

Blair & Serena shopping montage = cute co-coordinated outfits

Blairs wedding featured THE best Bridesmaid in history, Serena's was to die for

Some of my favourite Serena's best outfits, 
her ability to rock a blazer with nearly every outfit is second to none.

Theres still so many other outfit moments, Blairs impressive number of coats one for every outing, Serena's extensive handbag collection, Lily's ability to scream class in everything she wears, Chucks many many suits. I could go on! Are you a GG fan? Whats your favourite outfit moment?

Nora x


  1. When I heard about the show being cancelled I was devastated! It's probably the best show I've ever seen, and I adore Chair! x

  2. iknowright! but theres a possibility of a movie too!!!

  3. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.