Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Wedding Diaries: The entertainment, decor and those extra special touches

Todays latest wedding diaries instalment is a long one, you may want to grab a cuppa before you get started... and a biscuit too. It is the weekend after all!

It seemed only appropriate to end the wedding diaries series on such a fun note! Brett & I spent a long time planning the wedding and wanted to make sure that there were lots of personal touches throughout the wedding and also that our guests had a great time.

We also wanted to make sure guests were relaxed on the day so we organised a vintage bus to pick all guests up from the hotel to take them to the church and then onto the venue. It meant guests didn't have to worry about driving on the day or parking. The journey was also a great opportunity for guests to get to know each, it was a great ice breaker!

I'm quite traditional so wanted to have a receiving line, however the organiser at the venue suggested given the size of our party that it might not work as people would have to queue for a while. With this in mind I decided I needed something to keep guests entertained while waiting. I decided to get a picture of every guest who was married framed and placed where the receiving line was. I loved this idea and still do it got so many comments on the day and so many people were excited to see old photos go f aunties and uncles, grandmas and granddads on their special day. But my god it took a while to do! 

My amazing maid of honour also surprised me with the beautiful sign in the first picture which we also had at the end of the receiving line.

We wanted to ensure our evening guests didn't miss out on the fun so while we ate, downstairs was transformed for the evening with a starlight dance floor, giant light up LOVE letters and a photo booth. Throughout the night there was a constant queue for the Photo Booth with people spilling out and laughter filling the air I can't recommend getting one enough!

The final item that made our wedding so much more "us" was our spin on a guest book. We felt a guest book would just get put away an forgotten about after the wedding and instead wanted something that would serve as a constant reminder of our amazing day. We had a giant wooden H (the initial of our last name) made which guests could write on instead and now hangs in our kitchen. Nearly a year on I still find messages I missed before and it always makes me smile!

I hope you've enjoyed my wedding series as much as I have reminiscing about it, let me know about your wedding plans!