Thursday, March 08, 2012

Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Week

My laptop is still playing up so while I have access to another computer I decided to do a post about the amazing Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Week Show that caught my eye. Spectacular is the only way to describe the show!
The Final day of Paris Fashion Week went out in style, on a steam train no less, reminiscent of an era gone by the models arrived to the catwalk on the show stealing train. The 24 models each emerged with their own porter who, in my opinion showcased the handbags from the collection in a genius way!

Although the clothes (in my opinion) weren't as impressive as the S/S 12 collection, Marc Jacobs described the collection as "giving a nod to a romantic time" which with the ambience set thanks to the train, they did deliver that! The clothes would not look out of place on the Downton Abbey set (a show I am obsessed with) with a colour palette of browns, blacks and deep purple.

Louis Vuitton sure knows how to put on a show!

What do you think?
Nora x

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