Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thoughtful Thursday #2

I am probably the worst culprit for this! 

You know the weeks where you've agreed to take on that extra project at work, help a friend move house, stop by your parents to visit them, bake a cake for the charity bake sale, clean the house, have your in-laws over to stay and also find time to breath?! Yep most of my weeks look like this, and then I wonder how the month has flown by so quickly! When people at work casually ask what I'm up to this weekend, when I get onto the fifth thing and their eyes glaze over I can tell they regret asking.

But I've realised recently after suffering crippling migraines during the first half of this year due to stress its ok sometimes to say no, be a little selfish and take that time out for you. Whether you do nothing but watch Netflix and order take out. 

In the lead up to the wedding my work to do list reached crazy new levels of long, I was planning a wedding, moving house, going to the gym 4 times a week to fit into my wedding dress and still keep up with my usual social life. It was killing me, I was killing me trying to do everything. So I learnt to say no, and enjoy a little me time and the world kept turning! 

You can certainly do anything, but can't do everything!

I hope this Thoughtful Thursday has as always made you feel that little bit better and always my Pinterest board is constantly being updated with more cute quotes and anecdotes to live by.

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