Thursday, October 01, 2015

Thoughtful Thursday #3

 Some days it’s a victory in itself you made it through the day, never mind the week and you know what? 
Go you! 
Celebrate that fact, if a friend was upset you wouldn't compound that by being negative you'd show him/her the positives so why wouldn't you do that for yourself? Be your own friend and celebrate every tiny victory.

Life shouldn’t be measured by huge milestones but by moments, when you laughed so hard your stomach hurt, when you wanted to give yourself a high five for nailing that work presentation, for that mini fist pump when the week is over and the weekend is here. Each one is worth celebrating whether it be with a hard earned glass of wine or a secret smile knowing you have the strength to get through tomorrow as well.

Enjoy the tiny victories and if it is with a glass of wine, pour one for me as well!

Only a short one today but as ever my Pinterest board Preach will provide you with more uplifting quotes here

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