Tuesday, September 08, 2015

The Wedding Diaries: The Flowers

All photographs from Perfect Circle Photography,
Mid summer nights dream definately inspired me when planning the wedding, I wanted there to be flowers every where and them be wild and lush with an abundance of peonies! We spent a chunk of the budget on the flowers as I knew they would be important in creating the feel I wanted and our florist Joanna from Twisted Willow Floristry was just amazing the photos really don't do justice to her amazing creations! 

The bouquets & button holes were all different shades of purple not as wild as the other arrangements and tied with purple ribbon. My grandma passed away a number of years ago and it broke my heart she couldn't be there on the day, so I had a picture of my grandma made into a charm hanging from my bouquet. She was my something old! I know it would of made her laugh to know that - after she called me a cheeky cow of course!

Myself and all the bridesmaids had flowers in our hair continuing on the mid summer night look, for our two flower girls I decided given they were only 4 and 5, any fresh flowers given to them would be wrecked by the time they even got to the church, to invest in some floral crowns from Monsoon and pomanders from BHS that didn't matter how much they were thrown around!

In the church along with the ivy garlands and lanterns with flower heads lining the aisle we had huge urns on pedestal either side of the end of the aisle overflowing with greenery & flowers with hanging candles covered in fairy lights. The glow of the candles in the lanterns and the fairy lights set such a lovely mood in the church and the dried purple petals looked amazing against the white confetti cones after the service and made for fun pictures!

To make the most of the decorations we then moved the pedestals to either side of the top table and the lanterns to the stairs of the reception venue. Which looked amazing next to all the other table decorations which were log slices of all different sizes, candles and individual vases and poses of flowers. On the top table each person had a log slice as a charger and purple flower head.

It was so amazing to see my vision come to life on the day, I just wish the flowers lasted forever so we could keep them!

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