Sunday, September 06, 2015

Skin Saviours - Origins Face Masks

We all have those days where your skin just isn't feeling it - whether its dry as a bone, blackheads or pimples and when my skin is having a temper tantrum I always reach for my Origins skin masks. 
I originally bought the mini versions back in Christmas to test them out and I was instantly converted and bought the full sizes. 

Each mask tackles a different skin issue I face:

This mask "acts like a magnet to drawn-out deep dwelling pore cloggers" great for clearing the blackheads that insist on living around my nose.

This mask "quenches skins thirst" and helps smooth over my dry areas and plump up my cheeks. It can work in two ways over night allowing it to properly sink in or a quick pick me up and then wipe of access after 20 minutes if your skin is oily.

This mask "rescues skin in 10 minutes" and boy does it! This is my favourite mask and is perfect for problematic T-zones or for when you can feel a spot coming on or desperate for a spot to go!  

I often treat my skin to a little pick me up and use all three and Multi-Mask - is Multi-Mask the latest beauty fad I hear you ask? Well yes and no, its the latest beauty buzz word but anything that cuts down on my skincare routine is a winner in my book. 

Multi- masking is using more than one mask at the same time allowing you to tackle all your skin issues in one pamper session, I tend to smooth Out of Trouble on my chin and forehead, slather Drink Up on my cheeks and Clear Improvements on my nose finishing up with under eye patches to smooth over those fine lines and dark circles under my eyes and voila beautiful skin!

Origins minis are back on sale for only £15 at Boots! Let me know what you think of any of the other masks you try!

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