Friday, August 21, 2015

I Do!

Its official I'm a Mrs, someones wife!

For those of you who follow me on Instagram  you'll already know its been three months since we tied the knot. The novelty of calling Brett my husband has still not worn off and I'm pretty sure we are sickeningly sweet to those in a 5 mile radius!

The day was even better than I could of imagined but its so weird after 2 and half years of planning its over! I would give anything to go back and re-live it again. People tell you it goes quick but its actually mad how it quickly it goes! Years of planning over in a day.

It was so good to get our photos back so quickly, it meant we could reminisce with all our friends and family but we are still waiting for our wedding video which I cannot wait for but until then I thought I'd hold onto the memories of being a bride by doing a mini series on the wedding - a few posts on the outfits, flowers, cake, stationary and generally the day, stay tuned!

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