Monday, January 14, 2013

Manicure Monday

I received a lot of nail products over Christmas (my friends know how often I change my nail polish) so I thought I'd do one big post now I've had a chance to use and review all of them and hopefully give you some inspiration for your own manicures this month!

Models Own GlitterBall

I LOVE glitter nail polishes, and this does not disappoint! The Glitter is a nice combination of purple, turquoise and navy flecks that are really chunky and stand out. I got so many compliments about my nail while wearing it and to be honest couldn't stop looking at my nails, I paired it with a pastel purple originally and then tried it with a deep navy underneath a few days later, sticking to the colours of the glitter flecks. The only downside is that the polish is really thick and takes ages to dry, literally an hour later it was still tacky, but its worth it for the end results.

MUA Nail Constellation

I've wanted to try the MUA Constellations for ages, the above bottle is the Leo colours and is a nice combination of lilac and turquoise balls and only £2!! I choose to pair it with a deep purple Dior nail polish which I think works really nicely. You definitely need to do this on a flat surface with a dish, as the balls go everywhere! 
You simply paint your nail, and then tip the bottle and cover your nail creating a cool 3D bobble effect and marbling of colour. However after the above photo was taken I put a top coat of clear polish over the nail to set the balls in place and they all lost their colour and turned silver which was really strange and annoying as I had to do them all over again! So don't put a top coat over these if you are planning on trying this! However after I redid my nails without the top coat it meant that the balls came over really easily and it looks great and would be perfect for a night out but wouldn't last a full week, so its a little disappointing.

Nails Inc Glitter Polishes

Left - Right Bedford Square, Buckingham Street, Holly Place, Old Park Lane, Noel Street.

My friend got me this Nail Inc Glitter Set as part of my Secret Santa Present, all the polishes give great glitter coverage and a bright pigment colour. My favourite has to be Holly Place its a rose gold shimmer which I love, the colour lasted ages without chipping and still had a great shimmer to it after a week on my nails.

Sephora Express Nail Polish Remover

This was bought for me by my aunt when she went to New York from the American brand Sephora, a beauty lovers must when in the US! This product is similar to the Bourjois Magic Nail Remover, a product I've always wanted to try. Its the same concept, put your finger in the foam filled bottled for a minute and all the polish is removed. It even removes stubborn glitter polish which I've worn all over the xmas period. It takes a little over a minute to remove glitter polish but it still gets it all off a lot quicker than traditional cotton wool pads, I definitely recommend this and will be trying the Bourjois remover after this runs out.

Did you get any nail products this Christmas that you loved?

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  1. *MUA nail constellations provided by her amazing cousin aka Grace Partington ;)