Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ilah Brows Review

If your a regular reader you will remember that I recently attended the Beauty Works Red Carpet Ready Event,  hereand among the many great products I got to sample, one of the main brands that I received the most interest in from you guys was about the Ilah Mineral Brows. So I thought I'd review this product first, I hadn't actually heard of the brand but Ilah offers "creative natal alternatives to harsh looking brows" eyebrow shaping kits, shading colours & threading services.

As I am extremely pale I have to shade in my eyebrows everyday otherwise they are literally non existent so the products really interested me as I've been guilty of wandering into scouse brow territory when rushing my make up on a morning and I can never seem to get my eyebrows the perfect shape everyday so when the lovely Tahira told me she could solve all these problems I was all ears!

Ilah offers two services, in spas they offer threading and semi permanent tinting and then they also offer eyebrow kits which is what I tried out at the event and was given to go home and try out further.
The kits consist of a eyebrow colour - which is matched to your skin to be the perfect shade, the precision brush and a pack of 3 eyebrow stencils in either small or large styles. I choose the larger stencils as I love a thick defined brow. The application couldn't be easier you place your chosen stencil over your eyebrow and using the brush apply the colour and voila perfect shaped eyebrows!

I actually went to the beauticians that night and had by eyebrows waxed into the style of my favourite stencil, I loved it that much, the pictures below show my eyebrows after using Ilah. I can't recommend it more, I'm shade "Disco Diva" the shade creates a defined brow without being cakey or too harsh and stays in place all day. The product has been used on a whole host of celebrities, used within many spas including The Hilton in Manchester, and it's available here.

Eyebrow Shape - Mysterious Girl      Shade - Disco Diva


  1. I think i need something like this! look great on you!

  2. Your brows look fabulous, I hadn't heard of this brand til I saw your review lovely!

    Eda ♥

  3. It's great that they're bold and fabulous. But not too dark and going for a scouse brow there!
    They're still pretty as it were. Gorgeous!
    Erica xo