Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Beauty Works Red Carpet Ready Event

Apologies for the lack of regular posting recently with Christmas nearing closer (my excitement has reached childlike levels) it seems like every family member has either dropped by to catch up or invited us out for dinner - awful life isn't it! But all these dinner dates have mean't blogging has had to take a back seat. But I had to tell you about the great event I attended hosted by the lovely Adelle from Beauty Works on Thursday.

The event was primarily a Red Carpet ready gifting suite for celebrities, with the likes of Michelle Keegan, Kym Marsh & Brooke Vincent attending but the event was also open to fashion & beauty bloggers to come and experience the great brands.

The event held at the Great John Street Hotel, held host to a whole load of brands, including The Saturdays favourite clothing range Diva Sophia (they dressed the girls at Una's wedding), Luxury hair extension company Beauty Works, the perfect brow creators Ilah, skin care brand Glam Glow and the well known tanning company XEN-TAN.

I got to have a great look at the latest range from Diva Sophia and fell in love with several of the dresses and the cutest pair of turquoise tailored shorts.

 For many of you who read my blog you will know my obsession with my hair so the Beauty Works stand was a guilty pleasure for me, unfortunately they didn't have the shade to match my hair but their website is well worth a look for clip in fishtail plaits, buns and volume adding pieces, making bad hair days a thing of the past.

I was treated to an eyebrow shaping my the lovely ladies at Ilah and shown the perfect colour to shade my eyebrows in with, which is a daily ritual for me.

 I was really interested to learn more about Glam Glow which received praised from Fashion bible Elle but I hadn't heard of, its 2 step program promises to clear up skin imperfections and I can't wait to try it out. I also got to see the extensive tanning range from XEN-TAN another product I can't wait to try and review.

It was great to learn a little more about each of the brands and I was well and truly spoilt with eyebrow shapings and bulging goodie bags. I plan on putting together individual reviews about each of the products I received and treatments I had at the event in separate posts so check back for that.

 The very generous goodie bags.


  1. Amazing - looks like you had fun!

    I too have to do the daily ritual of drawing in my brows as so blonde you can barely see them if they aren't died. Looking forward to your ILAH review :)



  2. Looks like so much fun :) I'm currently on the search for eyebrow products, so I can't wait to see your future review.