Monday, July 09, 2012

Roll With It

Dress: Lipsy
Belt: Primark
Shoes: NewLook 
Turquoise Ring: YSL
Gold Bracelet: TopShop

As promised here is another break down of one of my outfits from my Holiday, unfortunately I am now back in rainy Manchester and days of 40 degree heat and lazying by the pool are just a distant memory. However I can't complain to much as I came back to the lovely apartment me and my boyfriend have just moved into. I worked out I've actually spent longer in Spain than I have in this apartment, so I can't wait to get settled in and make it a home! We are still at that hectic stage of organising bills, rates, TV & internet connections so I'm blogging when I can, but if you stick with me as soon as we get wifi internet my posts will be a lot more regular and I've got some really exciting things planned for my little blog!

Anyways enough rambling from me, I'm off to enjoy a night in my apartment with the lovely boyfriend, hope you enjoy my post and check back later on in the week for my outfit post on my Graduation outfit!

Nora x


  1. welcome back in raining Manchester ;) ha ha ;)) you look lovely!

  2. I know lovely British summer we are having! Thanks :) xx