Saturday, July 14, 2012

In June...

I Moved in with my Boyfriend...
Me and the boy have been together just under two years now and for the majority of that time we've spent in separate cities so now we have both graduated and both based in the same city we've moved into our first place together. I've got to say I love having my own place and I'm pretty sure IKEA's profits have risen!

We had our first house guests...
No sooner had we moved in our new place did our first guests descend on us (and im tlaking literally 48 hours) but as they flew all the way from Australia we let me them off! My best friend and her boyfriend who are cruelly based on the other side of the world flew in to see us on yet another one of their world travelling sprees. It was lovely to catch up with my bestie, drink cocktails and generally make up for the fact we are normally 12 hours apart.

I received my uni results
After four long years and many stressful exams, presentations and one hell of a dissertation I am extremely proud to say that I received a first for every piece of work and exam and have now graduated with a first class honours degree in International Fashion Marketing. You can see my post about my graduation outfit here. I now have letters after my name and everything!

I gained two more family members
My huge family (my mums the youngest of 8 children) just got a little bigger as my two wonderful cousins gave birth to two adorable little boys. Say hello to Henry Robert Thomas Parker and Lucas Ethan Kendrick, I can't wait to meet them both properly and I'm so proud of my growing family.

I went on holiday...
My wonderful parents treated myself and my boyfriend to a holiday to Palma as a gift for our degree results. 10 days of beautiful weather, relaxation, sight seeing and scoring some amazing bargains in the local markets (check out my instagram account to have a peek - username: Ella_nora) made for a wonderful holiday and I can't thank my parents enough for the chance to relax and a well earned break!

What did you get up to in June?

Nora x

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