Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Lust of the Week

So finally a post that's fashion related and not me moaning about my work load (I hear you all sigh with relief) so here it is, my Lust of the Week, after seeing a friend recently wearing a beautiful embellished shirt collar, I went on the hunt myself for an equally lust worthy piece, here's a few that caught my eye...

Denim Shirt with Gold Stud Detail 
Missguided - £24.99

Pearl Collar Detail Blouse in Blush
Missguided - £25.99

Studio Shirt 
Zara - £99.90

Tine Sheer Heart Collar Detail Blouse in Mint
Missguided - £17.99


  1. This post is amazing!
    There's nothing better than making a classic blouse/shirt UNIQUE and CHIC!
    Love every single one!

    Xoxo Lil

    1. I LOVE a good shirt hence the post, glad I'm not the only one who counts them as a wardrobe staple! Thanks :) xx

  2. I saw this via the facebook page ;D Ooh i just had a denim shirt too my wish list and then a couple of days after i bought one in topshop :3 the pictures you have are soo pwetty! :D xx
    ^^ my blog if you have time go take a peek!
    Ps i followed you!

    1. Thanks for your comment Sofia :) I've checked out your blog its really cute, I tried to follow you but I couldn't find the button. xx