Wednesday, May 02, 2012

In April...

So as you will already know my work load has recently doubled a dissertation plus upcoming exams means little time for fun, however I have managed drag myself away from my computer and squeeze in a few days of fun, so here's what I did in April.

I was a Princess for a Night...

(The birthday girls aka Russell from Up and The Mad Hatter)

Two of my closet friends recently turned 22 and they celebrated with a Animated themed birthday, this is my idea of heaven, Im still a devoted Disney fan, so the hardest decision was deciding what princess to be. After hunting high and love I fell in love with the above Cinderella costume, and it was a bargain on Ebay for £17! I'm waiting for another reason to wear it now!

Had an Easter Egg Hunt...

This Easter I decided to organise an Easter egg hunt for my niece, truthfully I don't know who was more excited me or her, but I had great fun putting the basket together and seeing her little face light up every time she found one of the hollow eggs I'd filled with sweets around the house, though I wasn't forgotten either, she made me a fluffy chick and my family spoiled me with a sickly amount of white chocolate!

I Received the Best Surprise...

So I happen to have a group of the most amazing friends from back home, we were all lucky enough to go to go to the same school and live near each other but then university and jobs struck. Flinging us all to opposite ends of the country, and although Skype, texts and Facebook keep us connected there's nothing quite like a glass of wine and a catch up with my girls. So imagine my happiness when a group of us managed to organise a night out, great huh! It gets better, in walks Miss Becca Hanson, the member of the group flung to the farthest corner of England and who I have seen since Christmas!! An evening of gossip, giggles and copious amounts of wine followed.

What did you get up to in April?

Nora x

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