Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Newest Addiction

They say Tattoo's are addictive and their not lying!  I currently have a heart on the inside of my right wrist and the longtitdue and latitude co-ordinates of Sydney Australia on my right foot. I'm itching to add to my collection, I'm thinking maybe a quote or song lyric in script writing but can't quite decide properly on what and where. Heres a few tattoos I've found recently that I like, any suggestions feel free to comment and let me know if you've got any tattoos...


  1. ahh I wish I was brave enough to get a tattoo haha, these are all so pretty. cute post :) x

  2. Thanks :) the one on my wrist didnt hurt, just felt odd but my foot tattoo killed! Let me know if you get one! Just checked out your blog its really cute, love the going out dresses post. x

  3. the free yourself one is lovely, I love simple designs like that, so much prettier! :) xoxox