Sunday, June 05, 2016

Holiday Diaries: Burano Island, Venice

We were determined to squeeze in as much as possible into our 4 day break so after spending the morning in Murano we hopped on a water taxi to explore Burano. 

When we first started planning our trip one of my favourite bloggers The Londoner was in Venice and her post on Burano made me add it to our list immediately and it didn't disappoint. I fell in love with the rainbow of colour instantly. 

Each house we passed was prettier than the last and we took great delight in choosing which one we'd live in. With our choice changing every time we turned a corner or stumbled across a new street.

This bold pink house was my favourite.

With this trio of primary colours being Brett's.

The whole island burst with colour and the residents take such pride in their houses from keeping the paint fresh to the flowers in their window in perfect bloom.

Ancient legend says that fishermen painted their houses to see them from long distance when they were far away for fishing, now they are one of the biggest draws to the island and you have to apply to the government to be assigned a colour!

The island also boasts great food, we originally tried to get in Trattoria al Gatto Nero after being highly recommend by both the Londoner & The Lonely Planet guide book, but we learnt the hard way that booking in advance is crucial! 

So we set off on the hunt for good food elsewhere and came across Riva Rosa where the pretty pink exterior matched the cold Rosè perfectly.

 I had the gnocchi and Brett was sold by the prawn pasta after the servers mouth watering description, both were amazing washed down with Aperol Spritz and Rose. The restaurant is voted third best on the island and I would highly recommend if you're in the area, a great result to say we were sold by the colour!

Make sure you add Burano to your must see list if your heading to Italy soon!


  1. Wow this place looks gorgeous! The houses are so cute. I spent a day in Venice once before and I have to go back!

    1. It really is! Photos don't do it justice, make sure you add it to your travel plans!