Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Primark Haul - October 2015

I swear I completely meant to just pop back into Primark to take a few bits back from my previous haul when these beauties appeared in my basket and I was handing over my card before I knew what was happening....oops! 

Can you really blame me! Look at pretty lace detailing for only £10! I'm loving a high neck at the moment. 

Next this beauty appeared in my basket, I'm thinking skinny jeans, knee high boots (which I'm still on the hunt for the perfect pair) and a fedora. 

My favourite outfit find was this beauty! I've been looking for a pinafore dress for a while on that doesn't make me look like I'm dressed for the first day of school. When I stumbled across this one laying forlorn by itself dumped by another shopper and in my size, I fell in love! I chucked a grey turtle neck to pair it with into my basket as well.

A few pairs of earrings made there way into the basket, elastic bands - I bought these mostly for the clear bands as the amount of youtube hair tutorials that call for these and black hair ties just won't do!  Finally the Frozen nails stickers won't be adorned on my hands anytime soon believe it or not but are to be added to the presents for my niece who turns 6 this month.

Let me know your favourite Primark buys this month - I really need to find a Primark with a good home section theres loads I want that never seem to make it into my local.

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