Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thoughtful Thursday #1


So I figured along with my usual weekly Tuesday & Sunday posts I should have a regular series to throw into the mix as well that wasn’t necessarily beauty/fashion related, enter "Thoughtful Thursday". The world it seems to me is such a negative place, the newspapers love nothing more than to dramatize a situation and fear monger people, positive stories rarely make the ten o’clock news and then there’s the daily stress of work that can add to the negative outlook. I'm personally a very positive person I try to see the best in a situation, if a member of my family or a friend looks lovely or has really helped me that week I'll tell them. I am in no way "Happy Holly Homemaker" 100% of the time but I find it difficult to spend a lot of time with negative people as I don't understand their way of thinking and why I never watch the news before going to bed, yes I keep abreast with world issues but the thought of war, hurt and death before bed? Not for me. 

Pinterest for me is my happy escape from all of the above, its glitter, pinky hued images and most importantly positive quotes are where I often go throughout the day to gain a new perspective or get away for 10 mins, which is why I "Thoughtful Thursday" deserved a place on my blog. 

Each Thursday I'll post a quote from Pinterest that caught my eye, raised my mood or generally spoke to me with a little waffle underneath and hopefully it can too can motivate, enlighten or make you smile too!

So here’s todays “Good things come to those who hustle” a little Pinterest gem and incidentally my work computer desktop. I genuinely believe what you put into life you get out and if you work god damn hard every day whether that be work or personal life it will pay off. Maybe not this week, next week or even this year - but if you work hard enough someone will eventually sit up and recognise your hard work and you’ll be rewarded or what you’ve been working for will come to fruition.

So go get that job promotion, pb at the gym, new relationship whatever it is go hustle and it’ll be yours eventually. If you can’t wait till next Thursdays pick me up have a browse through my Pinterest board “Preach”.

Till then x

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