Sunday, August 30, 2015

Washi Tape Obsessive

We are desperately saving for a house of our own at the moment as the wedding kind of went over budget and cleared out our savings (oops!) At the moment we are living in a gorgeous rented house which I totally love but I don't see why just because we are renting we shouldn't put our own stamp on it. We moved in just before the wedding and have spent time buying key pieces and creating rooms we love that will work in our next house - when we get round to buying it!

The last room we've not really done anything with was our spare room which Brett was using as an office. A new job meant this room was now redundant and it sparked my creative juices to create a focal wall for my new dressing room. Enter Washi tape! This stuff is genius, cheap, available in pretty much any colour or pattern and the best bit it can be stuck onto a wall and taken off without damaging the wall - perfect for renters like us!

I bought my tape from Ikea but Etsy, Paperchase & Ebay all sell a great selection, I collected a few of my favourite photos, momentums and printed some of my favourite Pinterest quotes & pictures and got creative. My favourite has to be the double bordered picture but the options are endless and when I get bored or have new photos I can just switch it up!

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