Thursday, January 03, 2013

In December...

As regular readers of my blog know I always do a monthly round up but as its December (hello brand new year! Where did you go 2012?!) I got up to the usual seasonal festivities, eating, drinking, christmas markets, present buying, present wrapping, festive make up and clothes. So I figured I put together a collage of the month rather than the usual bullet points, so heres what I got up to in December...

Christmas Treats & Lights  - Winter Ice Nails -  Christmas Jumper Day at Work

                            Celebration Time   -  My Niece on Christmas Day  -   New Years Eve

        Giant Lindt Chocolate Ball  -    Secret Santa Meal with my Girls    -  More Festive Nails

My Niece & I on Christmas Day

Festive Party Lips

Christmas Desert Baked by Me!

and I also got engaged!

On Christmas Eve my lovely boyfriend popped the question, on our first Christmas together and in our own place with a yellow diamond ring! It was lovely to be able to tell friends over the Christmas period in person, we drank more champagne than we've ever drunk, and did a small tour of Yorkshire in order to see as many family members as possible but it made it an amazing and memorable Christmas and I still can't wipe the soppy smile off my face! 

What did you get up to this December? I hope you had a great Christmas & New Year!


  1. Your niece is adorable, it looks like you had such a lovely Christmas, I loved seeing my family for Christmas :). Love your festive nails! xx

    Almost Delightful

  2. These are all lovely photo's, it looks like you had a brilliant month :) I love your festive nails and jumpers! Eeee the ring looks so gorgeous, congratulations :) <3
    Love Holly x

  3. lovely pictures. You looked great.
    Happy New Year:)