Friday, November 09, 2012

What's in my Bag?

I was approached by the lovely Mary from Pop Goes Fashion to take part in her popular blog feature whats in your handbag, its now live on her blog here. So heres a nosey into mine...

My Handbag:
This is by far my favourite handbag and one I use the most, I always wanted a Mulberry Bayswater handbag and my lovely boyfriend surprised me with this one on my 21st birthday. I love the colour it was described a "khaki" by Mulberry but its nearer a beige colour and its great as it goes with both black & brown.

1. My Purse:
This was also a 21st present from my lovely family as they knew my boyfriend was getting me the bag, I love coral as a colour and it provides a pop of colour next to my bag.

2.My Make Up Bag
I always carry my make up bag with me ready for little touch ups, I always have a mini size mascara, concealer, perfume along with my favourite product of the moment the rose Vaseline which really nourishes my lips while adding a little colour. As well as my chanel compact which was an amazing present from my brother (he did good that year!)

3. My Glasses:
I need glasses to see distance & driving so I always carry a pair with me, my thick rimmed over size glasses are my favourite at the moment.

4. My Sunnies:
The weather is crazy at the moment throwing it down one minute and sun the next so I always have my ray bans with me ready to throw on when the sun comes out!

5.My Good Luck Charms:
When I was going through a rough patch in my life two of my friends bought me these good luck trinkets. One bought me the worry stone and the other bought me the lucky heart, I always carry them with me to give me luck and I think they're a really sweet sentiment from my friends.

6. My Keys:
For obvious reasons I have my house keys in my bag but I wanted to feature them as I love the keyring on them that my mum bought me its a little Russian doll, again to promote luck&love - can you see a pattern!

7. My Diary:
This is my life! I have the worst memory so I rely on my filo fax to remind me of work meetings, birthdays and important dates! 

8. My Ear Phones:
I love music and whenever I'm walking anywhere I always listen to music so these are my daily essentials! Especially on my daily commute to work!

9. My Phone:

Definitely the most important thing in my bag! I am never off my phone and if I'm honest its normally in my hand rather than my bag I'm constantly on twitter or instagram and checking my emails, I'm addicted!

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  1. Everything looks so pretty, I'm jealous of your purse! It's a gorgeous colour. xo

    1. Thanks! I love the colour coral! x

  2. I love your Mulberry bag and everything what is inside :)