Thursday, November 01, 2012

In October...

Its actually really strange writing this months summary as I can't believe we are about to enter into November! Where has this year gone?? But hey ho this signals the countdown to Christmas and although the debate rages every year of when is aceptable to start Christmas planning be warned, as far as I'm concerned November 1st in my green light to go into Christmas planning overload, so expect festive posts a plenty from now on as its my favourite time of year - but back to this month, heres a few things I got up to this month.

I Planned Yet Another Party...

You may remember here back in July that I threw my Dad a Surprise 60th, this month it was my mums turn to be spoilt and although it wasn't a surprise I wanted her to feel just as special for the day. On a slightly larger scale to my dads sit down meal with 40 people attending but it was a great day.

I Spent Some Serious Time in the Kitchen...

I lived up to my "Little Miss Cupcake" nickname this month I really wanted to try out the Cookie Monster Cupcake recipe I found on Pinterest this month, check out my pinterest for more creative cake recipes. For Halloween I baked chocolate chip pumpkin cupcakes to give to friends as Halloween presents then finally one of my friends at work received a promotion so I baked Leopard print cupcakes which have got to be my favourite creations so far!

My Little Munchkin Turned 3!

I can't quite believe that my niece turned 3 this month! To celebrate I took her out to an adventure park & farm with inside and outside play area, farm yard animals and an American themed diner on site. So after a few hours of running from one play area to another a hot and ice cream sundae went down pretty well. Though I don't know what she loved more the ice cream or the bendy straws!

What did you get up to in October?


  1. Your cookie monster cakes look amazing! Your niece is so cute, children grow up far to quickly xxx

    1. Thanks! They went down pretty well with the family! I think she's a cutey but I'm slightly biased! xx

  2. im well copying those monster buns! muahaha xx

    1. Do! We'll have to have a baking day together soon! xx