Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tailor Made

I have struggled my entire life to find the perfect foundation, my pale skin has led me to using darker shades in the hope of adding some colour to my pale complexion, my dry skin has made me despair at heavy coverage foundations as it clings to dry patches making my skin look even worse and I felt I could only wear tinted moisturiser which helped my dry skin but didn't give me the coverage I need all day.

So when No7 released their "Match Made Service" I figured it was about time I discover once and for all what shade I should be wearing and get my base sorted! The test is quick and simple and the machine is held against your make up free lower cheek ( the area where the truest skin pigment is - don't you know) the machine then allocates a colour from their range that is closest to this.

Getting tested - minds out of the gutter please!

So I popped along to my local Boots store where the lovely Louise informed my after a quick test that I was in fact a "Cool Vanilla" she then did a quick skin assessment to find the perfect foundation for me from their range of 9 foundations - I didn't realise there was such a selection! In the range they have everything from Mousses to Powders, Anti ageing to Tinted Moisturisers.
For my dry skin, that was a little tired and dull she recommended the Instant Radiance Foundation.

Instantly I was impressed, the foundation boasted it created a radiant luminous glow that brightens the complexion and it didn't lie. Even the boyfriend noted how nice my skin looked later on! A man paying attention to make up!! I'm sold!

Just after application

The foundation contains ginger (all jokes on a postcard please) that stimulates tired looking skin and the mixture of Vitamins that boosts skins vitality  As with all my reviews I like to wait a while till I've really tried the product to give an honest and in depth opinion and I have to admit I was really impressed by this foundation.
 Not only does it provide great coverage all day without drying out, there's no need reapplying at the end of the work day before going out! What's more I was pleasantly surprised to find out a full bottle was only £12.50! Which is a great improvement on the usual £25 I spend on Clinque Tinted Moisturiser I literally can't recommend this service or the product enough.

Have you used this service or products before? What do you think?


  1. I really want to try this but I've bought no7 foundations in the past and not liked them, but at only £12.50 might be worth giving them a go again, would love to find the perfect colour match! xx

    1. I would really recommend it and like you said its only £12.50! Its crazy how close the colour match is! xx

  2. I was wondering how this thing is working :)
    You look very pretty!

  3. I had this done. It blends into my skin amazingly! Great photos x

    1. Thank you! Its great isn't it! xx