Friday, June 22, 2012

Olsen Style Stalker

Readers of my blog will know how deep my love for all things Olsen runs, I loved their films when I was younger and as they've grown and developed such amazing style I've found myself as obsessed with them today as I was back them.

They already have their clothing lines "Elizabeth & James" and "The Row"which I've always lusted over, sadly as my wage does not stretch to £1,000 a dress, lusting over the items was a close as I got owning anything designed by MK&A.
However those days are over as The Olsen's have collaborated with Stylist pick (yes the ones which Cheryl did the cringey advert with) to produce a small clothing line at budget friendly prices.

The ranges comprises of 25 pieces, and varies from £15 - £25 meaning you could invest in every piece if you wanted! The designs are no were near as impressive as The Row, but the collection features basic tees, skirts and dresses that would aid any wardrobe. Some of the items I feel I could buy a similar and cheaper alternative from H&M however their are a few that have caught my eye and I think would fit well in my wardrobe and worth buying for the design alone, not just because the famous duo designed it.

Here's my picks from the collection
Grey Tee £18

Striped Dress £20
Dipped Hem Skirt £20

Shop it here

What do you think?


  1. i love that skirt. and the olsens. i think i watched every movie even when i was 15.

  2. I know what you mean. I've been know to watch the movies now on hangover days too! So good love the Olsens! X