Monday, April 09, 2012

Lust of the Week

This week I stumbled across Wavy Jewellery, I'm a big jewellery lover and I've fallen in love with these pieces:

Peace Bracelet £3 (available in different colours)

Simple Cross Bracelet £1.25 (on sale)

Cross and Skulls Bracelet/Necklace £3

Firstly I fell in love with the creations from the Manchester fashion students website, and then I realised that everything was £4 and under (I'm northern and we love bargains!) so that's it I was sold!
The products are mostly hand made and she even offers the option to get in touch if you want something specific making or in a different colour. I know what I'll be buying this week, check out more of her creations here.

Nora x


  1. Nice find!, my favourite is the notted skull bracelet.

  2. There cute pieces aren't they! and the designer seems so lovely! Plus I'm a sucker for anything with skulls! x

  3. I love the skull and cross bracelet! Very tempted to order some bits from Wavy Jewellery soon :)
    (Oh and my non-Northern Politics teacher is forever making fun of my classes supposed Northern stinginess! Haha)

    1. haha we are renowned for our love our bargains! I'll take it as a compliment!! x