Monday, April 02, 2012

In March......

Well March was my busiest month to date, not only did it provide many reasons to stress it provide even more to celebrate!

I Handed in my Dissertation (and Celebrated)
As mentioned earlier my dissertation pretty much took over my life this month, so after many drafts, tears and tantrums a well deserved cocktail (or two) was had in honour of submitting the 9,000 word bain of my life, followed by a well deserved night out with my fashion favourites.

I was (re)born in the Eighties.... 
A good friend of mine turned 21 this month so we all embraced the Miami Eighties Theme to celebrate, some of the costumes were truly hilarious, and as I don't remember much of the night (oops) I'm glad I have the photos to relive the cringey outfits, which ones your favourite?

I Was Reunited With My Home Girls...
Till writing this post I didn't realise just how much of March was spent socialising! But in March I moved back home for the Easter break, which meant I was reunited with all my girls back home, I've missed them so much so my friends Jess's birthday was the perfect excuse to all get together, dress up and catch up. We had an amazing meal at Bibi's before heading to a club for more drinks and dancing.

I Got Swept Away On a Mini Break...
My wonderful boyfriend took me away to France for a mini break this month to help me relax after my dissertation drama, it was wonderful to spend a few days in the sunshine and dining alfresco, and oh my gosh did we dine! Croissants, Pan au Chocolate, Cake, Chocolate and Cheese! I came back relaxed and refreshed and thinking I have a pretty thoughtful boyfriend!

What did you get up to in March?

Nora x


  1. Hi Nora,
    Nice post!
    I have been to Italy in March with my bf, visiting his family and friends.
    Lucky you! I always want to go to France!
    Seems that you've got lots of happy & great memories from March <3 xx

    1. Sounds like you've had a good March too! I've always wanted to go to Italy! Its meant to be beautiful. xxx