Saturday, April 21, 2012

Elizabeth Taylor's Jewellery Auction

Its hard to pinpoint what I love about Elizabeth Taylor the most, her amazing taste in diamonds? Her unapologetic attitude of her actions? Or her determination to never give up on finding love? Her beauty was undeniable (who needs false eyelashes when your born with two sets of eyelashes framing those violet eyes) as was her taste for diamonds. 

I'm well aware that the great Elizabeth Taylor died in 2011 and that the auctioning of her jewellery took place last December, however the auction at Christie's in New York was televised this evening and I was hooked! Not only did it show all the amazing jewels, which in total sold for $116 million, it also gave a great insight into her life and the stories behind each unique piece.
Here's a few of my favourites:

Amazing Emerald and Diamond necklace!

The actress' famous 33.19-carat diamond ring, given to her by Richard Burton, also sold for $8.8m (£5.7m).

The tiara, bought by actress' third husband Mike Todd's in 1957 sold for $4.2 million (£2.7 million) - about six times its estimate.

In love with these yellow diamond earrings! 

Did you guys watch the auction?
Which was your favourite piece?

Nora x

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