Monday, February 20, 2012

Mulberry Del Rey

After being introduced to the talented Miss Del Rey through a fabulous friend of mine, she can do no wrong in my eyes. I Love Her! Her album is unquestionably good and despite several shaky public performances (show me a singer that hasnt had one) her album confirmed her true talent, for me at least! Her album met mixed reviews, and she has since said she has yet to confirm if she'll record another (my heart breaks) her fashion credentials this week have however been confirmed! Taking seat front row at the Mulberry Show this London Fashion Week, clutching a limited edition bag named after her.

Is there a higher honour??
For my 21st I was lucky enough to receive a Mulberry handbag, I count this as one of the proudest moments in my life (I'm a fashion student, so shoot me) so I know to the full extent how exciting it is to own a Mulberry. But one named after you! A whole new level of excitement. I very much love the classic shape, which is why I have a Bayswater and also a reason why I love the new Del Rey bag. Its classic with a twist or as the important people at Mulberry put it...

"Lana has mastered the style of Old Hollywood, mixing it with an edgy sense of fun. This contrast appeals to us: we love mixing eclectic references with classic details in the way that Lana does. The Del Rey bag is infused with this idea, combined with the easy sensibility and English common-sense practicality of our heritage icons."

However they put it, I'm sold, granted I don't love it as much as I love the classic Bayswater, but its definitely in my top three, (the other is the Hobo bag in case you wondered.) So Congrats Lana on this amazing honour and congrats Mulberry on one of the best Front Rows this Fashion Week.


  1. Lana's just amazing isn't she? Lovely post xx

    1. I've got to say she's one of my favs at the moment! Thanks :) x