Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Since we last spoke...

Its a Brand New Year...
I hope you all drank, danced and welcomed the New Year in, in style. Heres hoping that 2012 is the best year yet.

Christmas has Been and Gone..
One of my most hectic christmas's to date (hence the lack of posts) but an enjoyable one all the same I spent Christmas day at my brothers and got to watch my niece unwrap her presents, after being spoilt rotten myself by my boyfriend and family.

I Got [another] Tattoo...
Christmas presents are always a tricky thing, the stakes are even higher when organising a wonderful, original and yet thoughtful gift is for the best friend (said friend, in the photo above) who lives half way round the world in Australia, and spending Christmas with me this year. So perfume, toiletries and chocolates don't quite cut it. So the obvious answer is a tattoo each for Christmas, that’s in a Christmas carol somewhere? Right? Traditional Christmas Present? Not quite. Anyways this isn’t quite as random and spontaneous as this post may suggest, the idea has been in the works for a while and we are both now the proud owners of meaningful tattoos, mine on my foot is the longitude and latitude co-ordinates of where she lives, and hers on her arm is the co ordinates of where I live.

As with Christmas festivities, dramas and Uni final year stresses, my blog has been slightly neglected, with my New Years resolution to be to be a more faithful blogger [and to swear less] so look out for lots of new posts this year.

Happy New Year
Nora x


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