Sunday, September 04, 2011

M&S Make Over

Looking at the above photos you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a high fashion spread in a glossy magazines, this however is Marks and Spencer latest offerings. It is apparently out with the old (sorry Twiggy) and in with the far too young; Rosie Huntington - Whiteley and Ryan Reynolds.

 Marks and Spencer's is renowned for its adverts, its competitors have long wanted to mirror the success they have found, they no longer need worry as M&S is apparently having a mid life crisis. The reason their last ad campaign was so successful, was because of the careful casting, Twiggy, Danni Minogue and Lisa Snowdon, all aspirational figures for the typical M&S consumer, the key was they wanted to be them and this wasn't too unrealistic, they were age appropriate.

 Anyone who aspires to be like Ryan or Rosie, do not shop at M&S, more importantly the M&S core consumer does not aspire to be either of the new cover models, I doubt the majority of M&S's customers know the body of work of the two model/actors, and why would they?! There’s no doubting they are beautiful pictures featuring beautiful people, they are however beautiful pictures aimed at the wrong, demographic completely. Stop trying to be something you’re not Marks and Spencer, and bring back Twiggy!

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