Saturday, August 20, 2011

Well Hey There...

Welcome to my sparkling new blog, I've finally joined the world of blogging, after reading a million different blogs on fashion, baking, interior design and all the things in between, I figured I'd start my own on all of the above!

First and foremost my alliance lies with fashion, my first love stemmed from dressing up as a child and watching my mother get ready to go out in fabulous dresses. Fashion is a part of everything I do, I'm currently studying BSc International Fashion Marketing and choosing my outfit is often my favourite part of my day.

However earning the name "Little Miss Cupcake" means I've put in serious time, obsessing over cupcakes and baking, so my blog no doubt will feature actual food for thought, as well as the latest on my favourite women in the fashion biz, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen,  (I want your life!)  and Victoria Beckham to name a few. With a few cute quotes, beautiful photos and inspirational ideas thrown in for good measure!

Hopefully you'll find a the odd thing you love,

Nora x

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